How FixOdor Stops Rotten Egg Smell In Hot Water

Rotten Egg Smell is a widespread issue all over the United States. If you are experiencing this, you know that this problem is a pain to solve and all information online only works for couple days. Some suggestions are even dangerous for the water heater and can cause some dommages.

Well, good news is that you found the product for you. FixOdor will stop the rotten egg smell in your hot water and we guarantee it. If it's not working, you simply have to ship it back to us for a refund.

First Cause : Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB)

There is two different situation that will explain the rotten egg smell in your hot water. First one, most common reason, is the Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (called SRB). This bacteria develop in hot water and create this abominable smell inside the hot water tank.

Even if it can be killed by some vinegar or bleach inside the tank, the bacteria will always comme back. Current used by the FixOdor anode rod will kill the SRB bacteria and make sure it never come back again.

On the right picture, you can see what a SRB looks like. Even if it's not dangerous inside your water heater, they are the reason of that persistent smell.

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria that create smelly hot water

Magnesium Rod Can Also Create The Smell in Hot Water

If your magnesium anode rod creates the smell, the easier way to solve this would be to remove the anode. HOWEVER, doing that is dangerous since you are removing the only protection this tank have against corrosion. In fact, you are creating a bigger problem then the one you are trying to fix.

You may have heard that changing the magnesium rod with an aluminium rod will stop the smell in your hot water. Well, that's true but there is a lot of disadvantages doing that.

Installing an aluminium anode rod will only solve the situation for a short period since they need to be changed every year. Also, according to some specialists, aluminium residues in hot water could cause some health problem.