How Powered Anode Rod Works

The Basics: Sacrificial VS Powered Anode Rod


Sacrificial Magnesium Anode Rod

When purchasing a hot water tank, it is important to know that a sacrificial magnesium anode is installed by the manufacturer. This anode slows down corrosion but degrades quickly.

To ensure adequate protection, you should change the magnesium anode every few months. However, this anode is about 4 feet long and since it is not easily replaceable, not many people take the time to do so. Those who decide to call a plumber to replace the anode are going to receive an expensive bill.


Powered Titanium Anode Rod

Unlike sacrificial anodes, FixOdor electric anodes use electricity to prevent corrosion inside hot water tanks. Since electricity is an unlimited resources, the electric anode does not need maintenance and is designed to last more than 5 years.

No matter the water source or water treatment system you are using, FixOdor will adapt to your water and offer the best protection you can have against corrosion.

Powered Anode Rod Advantages

Powered Anode Rod by FixOdor

stops rotten egg smell in hot water

Whatever the cause of sulfur odors in your hot water tank, the FixOdor Anode will fix the problem in minutes without needing any maintenance.

The current supplied by the FixOdor powered anode rod will stops the bacteria that create the smell in the hot water tank. In addition of stopping the Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (called SRB).

Stops and Prevent Water Heater Corrosion

FixOdor is a water heater powered anode rod that completely stops corrosion inside the tank without needing any maintenance. Once the powered anode rod is connected to the power supply included inside the box, the corrosion inside the tank will be stopped completely. That corrosion protection is a long term protection compared to old sacrificial magnesium anode rod factory-installed inside your tank.

With the FixOdor powered anode, you have a permanent solution to stop corrosion no matter your water conditions.

Other Powered Anode Benefits

No matter if you are looking to protect your water heater against corrosion problems or smelly water problem, the powered anode rod is your solution.

Powered anode don't need any maintenance, are easy to install and designed to last many years. Unlike magnesium and aluminium hex head sacrtificial  anode rod, they don't desintegrate over time.


Powered anode rod are also called ''Electric Anode'' or ''Impressed Current Anode''. They use electrical current to replace the loss of electron inside the hot water tank happenning because of the corrosion process.


Sulfate Reducing Bacteria that create smelly hot water

Rotten egg smell in hot water is normally created by a bacteria named SRB (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria) that develop inside your water heater. This bacteria is not dangerous but will create a very nauseous smell in your house.

A popular belief is that removing the magnesium anode rod will solve the problem. However, removing the rod will not kill the bacteria and you will remove the only protection against corrosion that your water heater have.


FixOdor powered anode rod will use the current supplied by the power supply to neutralize the SRB bacteria that is causing the smell and prevent it in the future.

Current used by the anode is very small and represent only $3 / year.


FixOdor relies on current to completely stops corrosion inside your water heater. Unlike sacrificial magnesium anode rod, a powered titanium anode rod will not sacrifice itself to protect against corrosion. The electrical current supplied by the power supply will stop the loss of electron inside the tank happenning because of the corrosion process. To ensure long term protection, powered anode rod are made ouf of titanium covered with mixed metal oxide (MMO).


Lifetime of a powered anode rod depend on the current supplied by the power supply and the size of the rod itself. Our FixOdor system is designed to protect your tank against corrosion, sulfur smell and limescale during 5 years. After that period, you only need to replace the anode rod.

Water heater corrosion cell



FixOdor anode was designed to be easy to install in your water heater. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step installation guide to replace your magneisum anode rod with our FixOdor powered anode rod.

Here is some steps on how to install it :

- Disconnect from the power source and remove pressure inside the tank

- Using the ratchet wrench fitted with a 1 1/16’’ socket, unscrew the existing anode counterclockwise and Slowly remove the original magnesium anode..

- Cover the lower part of the screwable anode with teflon tape.

- Using the ratchet wrench fitted with the 1 1/16’’ socket, screw the anode clockwise.

- Install the black grounding connection on one of the tank cover screws and the red connector on top of the anode.

- Connect the power supply in a 110V outlet and the red light will turn on meaning the protection is active.

How FixOdor compare to other powered anode rod on the market?

FixOdor was designed to be a cheaper solution by providing a smaller anode rod. Since MMO titanium anodes are very expensive, FixOdor is limiting the rod length and size to last over 5 years. This is how FixOdor is able to provide you with the best-price powered anode rods available.

Compared to traditional sacrificial anodes already in your hot water heaters, powered anode rods are very small because they use current to protection against corrosion instead of sacrificing themselves like a sacrificial anode do.

The market leader, Corro-Protec anode, offer a bigger powered anode rod that will last longer with a 20-year warranty but are almost twice the price.

CerAnode offer a special design powered anode rods that reaches the bottom of the tank thanks to a special weight at the bottom of the rod. They also use audible alarm in the control module to alert if the system stops working. This anode rod is discontinued since 2021.